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Who uses SourceCoder?
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Marcelo S. Massuda
"I have been writing software in C for embedded computers for ten years. I used to work with tools
like lint and metrics measurement to help me improve my C programs. I also use Delphi to build
front ends for the embedded computer softwares. For a long time I was looking for similar tools
to use with my Delphi programs.
I'm very impressed with your SourceCoder, although I don't appreciate code formatting tools.


As I said before, I usually work wit C/C++ for embedded computers. Although I know there is a well
founded culture about using documentation and measurement tool in the C/C++ world, I feel that Delphi
developers do not share the same worries that the C/C++ people have. I think that it is basically
because the nature of RAD (you can do things fast, but you can create a future maintenance nightmare).

Keep doing the great job with your SourceCoder."

Jose Bastos Neto, Legitima
"Thanks for a great product! My code now is about 80% faster!!!!!!!!"

Akio Ito
I really like it, mainly Shift Ctl F.
Thank you and good week end."

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