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  Delphi Informant 06/99, pg 8

Peter Tiemann and HREF Offer SourceCoder 2.56

HREF Tools Corp. expanded its line of development tools to include reselling SourceCoder 2.56, a utility created by independent developer Peter Tiemann.
SourceCoder analyzes and profiles Delphi source code, giving developers quantitative code measurements and enabling them to pinpoint problematic areas. SourceCoder analyzes Object Pascal files and computes metrics for source-code line counts, calculates documentation percentages, and provides complexity measurements. It also checks the scope of variables and points out ambiguities. SourceCoder offers additional functions, including several code analysis tools; a bug-tracking database; code formatting options; automatic generation of comments per block, function or unit; a database of projects and functions with links to the code; and many reports.
It includes Nassi-Shneiderman charts, with optional profiling results, which are available in a form, as a report and as HTML.

The Delphi Magazine 03/99, pg 6


Now marketed by HREF Tools Corp, this utility from independent developer Peter Tiemann analyses and profiles Delphi source code, computing metrics for source code line counts, calculating documentation percentages and complexity measurements. It checks the scope of variables and points out ambiguities.
SourceCoder also assists in finding problems in running applications, by instrumenting the source code: when the application runs, SourceCoder measures execution time and provides further analysis. There is much more functionality in the product too: visit for more details.

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