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Klaus Friese
Klaus Friese EDV Service -
"TMultiLang is used in my personnel planning program "PC-Dienstplan",
which is currently used by a service provider at the airport of Hamburg.
The first foreign application usage will presumably be at end of the year
at the airport in Stockholm.
Otherwise I am very happy with the product, especially
compared to another project (in Borland C at that time), where I had to prepare
the translation manually."


"TMultiLang wird in meinem Personaldispositionsprogramm PC-Dienstplan
verwendet, mit dem zur Zeit ein Servicedienstleister am Hamburger
Flughafen seine Mitarbeiter verplant.
Erster ausländischer Einsatz wird voraussichtlich Ende des Jahres am
Flughafen in Stockholm sein.
Die Homepage für das Programm ist noch nicht fertig, soll aber demnächst kommen.
Ansonsten bin ich schon sehr zufrieden, besonders wenn ich an ein
anderes Projekt (in Borland C) zurückdenke, für das ich mal die
Übersetzung vorbereiten musste, da ging alles noch von Hand."

Vincent Morelle
www: Auteur de eCatch 2 - Navigateur hors connexion
"(This is what we built with TMultiLang:)
eCatch : an offline browser, web knowledge base and organizer and more:
eCatch allows you to download and browse your favorite web sites. Browse off-line and trace changes (updates, search and advanced highlighting functions). Designed to manage large quantities of information with fine tuning or automatic processing, eCatch is able to fill in off-line forms, highlight changes in web pages, carry out advanced text searches, export web sites, or download selected links while you are reading the pages off-line...

The english version is at
The french one at
The freeware version is fully functional."

Peter Feenstra
"Dear Peter,
The project I work on is rewriting an application from tp7 to delphi. It is PC-Navigo. This program is, as far as I know, the only routeplanning software for the inland waterways of Europe. There are planners for the road, train and public transport. But there is only one, that is my program, for the inland waterways of Europe. I don't know if you have any experience with routing in networks, but the algorithms for route-planning with ships on inland waterways are a bit more complicated then sending a truck down the road.
The DOS-application I wrote has a GUI (Windows 3.x like) and is 'in the market' for 5 years by now. It is multilingual because my audience is: the lot of them is dutch then come the germans and then the french (and belgians) only a few use english.

My audience is firstly the professional transportation market and secondly the pleasure-boating market. The last one is potentially the biggest but my sympathy lies with the pro-market. The market is limited and I don't want to get rich out of this product, so I try to sell it for an honest price. What I've seen from TMultiLang: that tool is going to help me a lot to keep it that way.

When my project is finished, I expect june this year, there will be an english description of the application on a web-page. I'll let you know when. with kind regards you'll here from me again :-) greetings "

Heinrich Huber, SIEMENS AG
"Danke für Deine Infos.
TMultilang für Delphi 3 ist in unserer SW für den PocketReader weltweit im Einsatz."

"Thank you for your infos.
TMultilang for Delphi 3 is used in our software for the PocketReader worldwide."

Rob Morris, Lexmark International, Inc
"PrinterActive is a suite of in-house Lexmark software designed to manage our assembly processes,
including tracing printer production and customizing printer firmware.
As a worldwide corporation, we need to provide local-language versions of PrinterActive to Lexmark's manufacturing
facilities around the globe; TMultiLang has been critical to successfully delivering our software. The ability to
transform PrinterActive into locally understood languages has increased acceptance of and enthusiasm for our software
at each new facility.
Thanks for a great product"

Kreg Jetsel, Houston Digital Corporation
"I have an application for the auto body industry that we have used your product to translate from English to Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil).
It works great! Congratulations! I hope you are selling lots of them."

Axel Chambily - Casdesus, Development manager, Sybex France
"I'm the software manager for this company and I developed in Delphi about 70 products from my own. A lot of them are translated in English, German, or Dutch. These products range from business cards to esoteric software, calculator, maths utilities or address manager.
I tried TMultiLang with my last production which is an automatic internet mail finder. I works great. I just regret the string parser, a printing ability for the string grid and the fact that you're forced everytime to close and open the grid to parse the code...

Anyway, it's a brilliant job!"

Ismail Asmall, Bulwark Parking
"Thanx for the quick reply. Here is a brief overview of why we need MultiLang:
We are internationalizing our software for China where we are involved in a huge project at the Beijing International Airport.
After this, we will enter other non-english markets where there is a huge demand for our product. We design software/hardware for Parking Management and Access control."

Claus Thor Barth, NETLOG Technology A/S
"Thank you for your quick reply :-)
I plan to use TMultiLang for a application called "MusiGuide" please see : you are welcome to make a link, if you like.
Best regards and keep up the good work"

Steven J. Healey, Delphi Prefix Registry
"For the past twelve months I have been developing a manufacturing system . In addition to this i have a communications system - COMDESK - which integrates email/fax and reporting.
Now that the development is complete i now need a Japanese version- hence my purchase of multilang. I did not wish to invest in Windows 95 Japanese or Delphi Japanese, Multilang seems the ideal option.
I plan to give the english wordlist to the company and for them to create the Japanese translation table, which I can then integrate."

Michael Kovnick, Cyberspace Headquarters, LLC
"By the way, I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with multilang.
We purchased it quit some time ago, and are finally getting around to using it :-). Our main product is AddWeb,
which has over 125,000 installations. Our customers have been screaming for a multi-lingual
version for some time. Now that we are producing a major revision, we will give it to them."

Paul Niehaus (MNS)
"Hi Peter,
Thank you for your product. My client has purchased it on my behalf and will remain the owner of the component which will be used to develop their product. Their product will be deployed in the international arena and as such it is essential to have multi language capability.
Your product seems to be the best suited for the translating of text as well as growth into new markets.
Best Regards"

James Rezende Piton, LNLS-Laboratorio Nacional de Luz Sincrotron
"LNLS is a science foundation making researches on synchrotron light laboratory in Campinas, Sao Paulo state.
We receive many scientists from Europe and Latin America, and we believe that the multicultural pattern of our
users' comunity should be respected by offering a language choice in the main program our users deal with.
That is a data acquisition and experiments control system based on Windows platform and our DA/AD board
family, developed at home.

Your component made it able - and really easy!"

Pierre Geneves, PierreSoft
"The software I'm localizing with tmultilang is the french famous HTML editor 'Web Construction Kit'. It was first developped in french, owing to TMultiLang an english version has gone out.

What I think of Tmultilang? Some other translation products claim to have powerful automatic functions and are in fact (very !) buggy and expensive. TMultiLang offers a simple and good solution for a reasonnable price. The user can control exactly the translation of his project and the CSV format is very useful."

Klaus Hagenlocher, Klaus Hagenlocher GmbH
"Wir haben einen "Internet Shop Maker" erstellt, den wir jetzt auch in Englisch anbieten möchten. Später auch in weiteren Sprachen."

("We have created "Internet Shop Maker", which we want to offer in English, later also in other languages.")

Piotr Rezmer
"I use TMultilang for a Telephony Application. It recognizes caller ID and retrieves all information about calling party from 3W system (customer info, service info, sales info, and any that user defines)."

Bjorn Heidarr, TransSoft Ltd
"I downloaded your shareware component this morning, as I needed
something that would help me to translate an App quickly!!
The application in question is our awarded Email Client,

"TransSoft's Mail Control",
which is to be translated to 4 languages with VERY short notice!"

Widra, Belgium
email: Christophe Keller (
"In fact I'm using TMultiLang for a proportioning application with touchscreen.
What I like about TMultiLang is its ease to adapt an existing application to multi-language support.
I find the idea to put all the resource strings in the dfm files very good."

Andres Valverde
"Congratulations for a small and useful piece of software."
.. "I translated my program to 4 languages yet, and I'm planning 4 more. It is really useful, your product."

Wendefeuer Softwareentwicklung
"We use TMultiLang in two applications --- we have it since 4 weeks:"..
"Software for SMD Pick and place mashines form Siemens and a financial software"

Harry Holzhauser
"We use TMultiLang in three applications currently; service programs for the refrigeration area.
It's a nice idea and a nice implementation.
Viewed the  portion of code that I needed to implement my own support for custom controls, and I found it to be very straight forward. I was able to implement a new component within a matter of minutes."

A not named customer:
We also work with the Borland translation kit, this tool costs a lot and had a lot of problems.
Your approach is more simple and has less problems, translation is done much faster for less money also..

Steve Ludovicy
"By the way, your support really gets a 1+."

Charles W. Zino
Owner, Islander Computer Consulting
"We use TMultiLang in an Auto Maintenance application"

Wilfried Mestdagh
"I'm very satisfied with the component and also with its source code.
I built 5 different applications with it:

  • datacommunication
  • gps
  • connections via gsm
  • mobitex
  • inmarsat_C"

German Rauhut
"We built a Invoice Tracking System for a Freight Forwarder. The application has to be in Thai and English."

Noatak Racing Team
"We use TMultiLang in a database application."

Gokhan Ergul
"I use TMultiLang in 6 different Point-of-Sale applications + Interface applications."

Raymond Kleefstra
"I use TMultiLang in an industrial application (profesional) which simulates the workings of complete (dredging) pumpsystems."

Willem Semmelink
"I use TMultiLang for a dive log for scuba divers."

"We use TMultiLang for a Timecontrol application."

Jens Busch
"My first project with TMultiLang is JBTray (a small tool you can look ..."

Not named customers use TMultiLang in:

  • "a Tool for developers (that I have the intention to put as Shareware on Internet)"
  • "a big medical application in 2-3 weeks..."
  • "desktop enhancement/display control utilities."
  • "Search utility"
  • "Software to control trunover and represent of cashregisters"

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