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Would you like to double or triple your sales of software? You need to have international versions of it!
This is a component that makes it easy to localize Delphi applications.

  • new: put translations in DLLs
  • improved language setup
  • project-wide spell-checking (Office 97)
  • project-wide automatically place a TMultiLang in all forms
  • project-wide search and replace in all forms
  • no coding necessary - everything is done with the object inspector
  • only one *.PAS file and one *.DFM for each form!
  • as many languages as you like to!
  • all components, menus etc. can be translated
  • helps with partly automatic translation
  • Asian languages? No problem!
  • easily switch between languages during design and even at runtime!
  • now supports Delphi 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and C++ Builder 1!
  • only about 30k overhead, no databases
  • export/ import texts in CSV file format for an external translator

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