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Native German
Carsten Paasch
Understands English, German
Translates into German
Charges: Trade or upon request
Markus Gall
Understands English
Translates into German
Charges: (no information given)
Thomas Dallmeier
Understands German, English, some Spanish
Translates into German
Charges: upon request
Peter Tiemann
Understands English, German
Translates into English, German
Charges: Trade or upon request
Armin Hanisch
Understands German, English
Translates into German, English
Charges: negotiable (depends on type/amount/time)
Native English
Mel Pama
Understands English, Dutch
Translates into English, Dutch
Charges: Negotiable
Native Dutch
Jerri Schrijver (under construction till 06/16/99
Understands German, Dutch, English, French, simple Italian
Translates into German, Dutch, English, French, simple Italian
Charges: (upon request)
Native Italian
Roberto Pedrazzoli
Understands English,Spanish
Translates into Italian
Charges: (Upon request)
Anthony Tedesco
Understands English,Italian
Translates into Italian,English
Charges: (contact me)
Native Portugese
Jose Rocha Ferreira Bastos Neto
Understands English
Translates into Portugese
Charges: upon request
Native Spanish
Luis Jaime
Understands English, Spanish
Translates into Spanish
Charges: Upon request
Native Swedish
Andreas Birgerson
Understands English French Swedish Danish, some Dutch
Translates into English, Swedish
Charges: Depends
Native French

The operator of this website does not give any guarantee for the quality of the translation work the people listed below deliver.
However, if you are seriously unsatisfied, a listed person may be removed.
It is recommended to choose a native speaker for the translation you are interested in.

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