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  This web site is dedicated to Delphi programmers.
software preview releases tools to this community and supports these tools on this site. Also, you will find a useful collection of tips and tricks for your programmer's life here.


  TMultiLang for localization of your Delphi or C++ Builder applications. TMultiLang has been used successfully in hundreds of applications - read what users say about it.
TMultiLang compares to packages that are several $100 more expensive.
  SourceCoder, an incredible flexible Code-Formatter, Profiler, Chart Generator, Documentation tool (comments) and Bug-Tracking system. It generates all kinds of reports about your Delphi Project and helps you to stay on top of your project at any time.  

messageboard for Delphi programmers. Primarily to discuss issues or experiences with TMultiLang or SourceCoder, but you are welcome to post any Delphi-related stuff..

And don't forget to visit the Delphi programmers' Tips and Tricks section. This collection contains questions and answers found in newsgroups, personal email and results from my own work.
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TX Text Control is an ActiveX component that allows developers to add advanced text processing features to their applications with minimum effort.

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