no-spam policy

What is spam?
SPAM, which is usually defined as the broadcasting of unsolicited email to a large group of people, is becoming a real problem on the Internet. Most of us have received some examples of spam, such as selling services, access to adult sites, etc.
Spamming is a nuisance that costs us all time and money.

Collecting addresses:
As you may have seen, I suggest that people leave their email address when they download shareware from this site. I do a very simple check on the syntax of the email address but not more.
You may actually type 1@2.3  as your email address - I do not really care.

I have collected addresses for one year now and made about 5 mailings in this time. Each of these mailings only serves to inform people about a major, new release or important bugfixes.
You see, you certainly will not be bothered with floods :-) of email.

Sell addresses/ Data protection:
Of course no third party has access to my email database. The database, the perl scripts and C programs are password protected to ensure your privacy.

More Information:
You may find more information about this subject here: